Watch On-Demand: Next Chapter of Publishing Webinar

Check out our lastest webinar (originally recorded live on July 31), now available for viewing on-demand at this link. Below is a description:

The Next Chapter of Publishing: Using augmented reality to create the ultimate page-turner.

Leveraging the power of mobile devices, printed pages can be enhanced with a variety of engaging digital interactions. Publishers worldwide are using the power of augmented reality to bridge the gap between their online channels (videos, web, social media, digital couponing and more) with their offline media such as printed magazines, newspapers and books.

Aurasma’s General Manager, Annie Weinberger, and guest speaker, Rachel Gogel, Design Director, GQ Advertising, explain how the Aurasma-powered GQ Live! app seamlessly brings printed issues to life, driving readership engagement and increasing ad sales.

Watch this webcast and learn how to:

  • Wow your readers with a technology that enhances traditional media
  • Extend the shelf life of printed materials with real-time digital information
  • Upsell traditional media ad buys by offering additional value

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