The Times brings Saturday edition to life with Aurasma

October 24, 2014:

This weekend Aurasma is working with The Times to bring Saturday’s The Times Magazine supplement to life. Featuring comedian Graham Norton, both the magazine’s front cover and feature imagery will contain additional augmented reality (AR) content.

By downloading Aurasma and scanning one of these images, The Time’s readers gain exclusive access to Graham Norton and his dog! We don’t want to give too much away before the magazine goes live but The Times Magazine were keen to use Aurasma’s integrated social sharing to encourage readers to share the experience with their social networks. As to what Graham Norton will be doing – you will have to go out and pick up a copy of The Times on Saturday to find out for yourselves.

This is not the first time that The Times Magazine has worked with Aurasma. Quick to see the intrinsic value of the technology, they were pioneering adopters of the platform and were the first national newspaper supplement to launch an AR-enabled front cover back in November 2012.

Since then, the magazine has worked with Aurasma to create a number of engaging augmented reality experiences – including celebrity content from Lorraine Pascale, Matt Smith’s Doctor Who and the Team from Tatler as well as a number of “click-to-buy” experiences.

Celia Duncan, Deputy Editor at The Times Magazine comments:

“AR works as a powerful tool for the print edition of The Magazine: it offers the reader an additional way to interact with the pages and creates buzz around an issue. It has also been incredibly useful in helping us secure celebrities in the first instance – they’re keen to do something new and different – and AR has opened another world of opportunities. This time for example we’ll be using the Twitter and Facebook overlays on the Aurasma platform which we hope will encourage readers to spread the word about our Graham Norton cover via social media themselves […] We knew that Graham Norton would be the perfect Times Magazine cover star to bring to life via Aurasma. That camp humour. Those wry to-camera pieces he does for his TV show. And that general willingness to give things a go. And when he agreed to do the shoot with a dog, in bed, the whole thing took on a life of its own. You’ll see the results on this Saturday’s Times Magazine (25 October).”

Lauren Offers, Global Head of Marketing at Aurasma stated: “We are thrilled to be working with The Times Magazine on another cover edition. This has been a fruitful partnership which has brought both fun and practical augmented reality content to the Magazine’s readers and celebrity guests alike.”

UK users of Aurasma can check out the content in this Saturday’s copy of The Times Magazine and for so as not to leave out the rest of the Aurasma community we will post the cover image to our Campaigns page next week for everyone to enjoy.  Happy viewing!

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