HP Autonomy Unveils Marketing Cloud

Assets in Autonomy Marketing Performance Suite now available as cloud offerings to enable flexible and agile marketing optimization

LAS VEGAS, June 12, 2013 – HP Autonomy today unveiled the Autonomy Marketing Cloud, a comprehensive set of marketing optimization offerings designed to help organizations increase market share, optimize marketing spend, and increase revenue across all channels.

The Autonomy Marketing Cloud provides organizations with a cloud-based version of theAutonomy Marketing Performance Suite, a unique platform that allows marketers to understand, attract, engage, and convert customers in real-time. Solutions in the Autonomy Marketing Cloud can be deployed in a standalone, modular fashion, and are available via the HP Cloud. This offering is a part of the HP Converged Cloud portfolio, which provides the foundation of technologies and services to enable organizations to confidently build, operate and consume IT services across hybrid environments.

The Autonomy Marketing Cloud consists of the following cloud offerings:

Digital Experience Management: provides advanced web content management, personalization and publishing via Autonomy TeamSite Cloud. The newly released version of Autonomy TeamSite enables advanced digital marketing applications, and supports a variety of form factors and browsers, including tablets and mobile devices.
Marketing Optimization: delivers sophisticated multivariate testing, segmentation and targeting through Autonomy Optimost. A new version of Autonomy Optimost includes enhanced reporting functionality and additional self-service capabilities.
Marketing Analytics: offers extensive customer insight analytics through Autonomy Explore Cloud. Powered by Autonomy IDOL, marketers gain a real-time understanding of customer sentiment and interactions across all touch points, including contact center, social media and web.
Rich Media Management: enables intelligent digital asset management and deep indexing of rich content, such as video and images via Autonomy MediaBin Cloud. The solution leverages the HP Cloud to provide organizations with a cost-effective platform for managing their multimedia marketing assets.
Augmented Reality: with more than 20,000 customers, Aurasma lets marketers and brands engage with audiences through immersive mobile experiences. Businesses in every industry are leveraging Aurasma to deliver innovative campaigns that generate higher click-throughs, conversions and revenue.

The rapid rise of social, mobile and cloud has fundamentally altered how consumers interact with brands, and how marketers engage with their audiences. Marketers must now move with agility, and freedom to test and try new ideas quickly, in order to keep pace with constantly shifting consumer sentiment, buying patterns and demand. The legacy model of deploying cumbersome platforms and provisioning servers is not practical in a world in which customer trends and market opportunities evolve at a high speed.

The Autonomy Marketing Cloud helps marketers thrive in this dynamic environment by providing an agile, modular and cloud-based offering for understanding, attracting, engaging and converting customers in real time. Enterprises can instantly tap into one component or the entire set of offerings, depending on the needs of the business and the demands of the market. In addition, organizations benefit from the highly scalable, secure and enterprise-class capabilities of Autonomy’s marketing optimization solutions and the HP Cloud. Finally, customers can leverage the deep digital marketing expertise of HP Enterprise Services to further maximize the impact and results of their marketing campaigns.

“Marketers today seek nimble technologies that allow them to test ideas, introduce new campaigns, and engage consumers in this always-on world,” said Piyush Patel, CMS lead, SapientNitro. “We look forward to working with HP Autonomy and our joint clients to help organizations leverage these offerings to generate superior business results.”

“The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, and organizations today require a new, flexible approach that allows them to engage with customers at high speed,”said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Marketing Optimization, HP Autonomy. “With the Autonomy Marketing Cloud, organizations gain a real-time understanding of what is happening in the market, and can act quickly to convert insights into higher engagement, conversions and revenue.”


The Autonomy Marketing Cloud is available in all regions.

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