Aurasma Webcast: Retail is Evolving, Office Depot is Innovating

Watch this free webcast on-demand to learn how augmented reality is driving engagements and interactions.

Consumers rely on their smartphones as the ultimate shopping buddy. Retailers who embrace innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, are seeing notable results across the marketplace and taking advantage of this growing opportunity. Augmented realitydrives in-store traffic, encourages brand engagement, and delivers a measurable, interactive customer-centric experience.



Join guest speaker, Emery Skolfield, Sr. Director, Digital Brand Strategy, Office Depot, and Aurasma’s Global Head of Marketing, Lauren Offers to learn how Office Depot partnered with pop-sensation One Direction and used augmented reality to increase their mobile app usage by 2x – 3x.


See One Direction come to life with the Office Depot App

By embedding Aurasma into its official mobile app, Office Depot drives in-store traffic by bringing specially-marked One Direction school supplies to life with exclusive video content!Watch the video


Watch this live webcast and learn how to:

- Engage your customers with a technology that enhances the shopping experience

- Augment your brick and mortar presence while innovating your online persona

- Better understand your customer by measuring real-time “offline” interactions


Webcast details:

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