Augmented reality is a “GO” for Men’s Fitness magazine

MF GO! app offers the magazine’s readers an enhanced experience.

Aurasma has partnered with Men’s Fitness to deliver augmented reality content throughout the pages of its popular printed magazine. Beginning with the December 2012 issue, readers enjoying Men’s Fitness can enhance their experience by downloading the magazine’s MF GO! app, pointing their device’s viewfinder at the page, and watching editorial and advertisements come to life.

The auras showcase exclusive content including the letter to the editor, fitness training videos, celebrity interviews (including Q&A videos starring cover girl Maria Menounos and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin), a holiday gift guide, and much more. Realizing the great potential of augmented reality in the magazine, Men’s Fitness is planning to continue wowing its readers with augmented reality in 2013.

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