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We’re changing the way people see and interact with the world

Since launching in 2011, Aurasma has quickly risen to become the world’s leading augmented reality platform with over 80,000 customers operating in over 100 countries. Our vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura. Download the free Aurasma app or become a customer and start changing the way you see and interact with the world today.


For help on making Auras or Aurasma powered apps using the Aurasma Studio, the following resources may provide you with immediate assistance:

Comprehensive Guide to Aurasma

Aurasma Studio Tutorials

Aurasma Webcasts

Aurasma Community Support Site

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History and Technology

Aurasma was founded on the world’s best image recognition technology.

Aurasma’s history can be traced back to 1996 and the formation of a British software company called Autonomy. Autonomy quickly rose to become the world’s leader in meaning based computing, revolutionising the way computers understand and extract value from data. Autonomy’s best in class image recognition solutions were adopted by governments, businesses and organisations all around the world and in 2011, the Company was acquired by HP.

With the release of the iPhone and thanks to its higher processing power, it became possible for the first time to run Autonomy’s image recognition technology on a mobile device and Aurasma was born. The platform was launched in the Summer of 2011 and businesses and organisations quickly began to use this new channel to publish their own augmented content. Since launch, our users and partners have between them created millions of Auras, generating in the process more than one hundred million AR interactions. Aurasma’s power scales with the processing power of each new generation of mobile device, so expect to see even more realistic and immersive experiences from Aurasma in the near future. Aurasma is part of HP Autonomy.

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